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The Benefits of AquaB
M.W.M.Soc Senior Compliance Officers
LCI Certificated ACoP L8 Field Technicians
UKAS Accredited Laboratories
MICA Microbiologists
Risk Reporting and Confirmation
Online booking, data and document storage
Centralised Administration
Specialist Support Services
Local Operators
Nationwide Coverage
Insured Services
Comprehensive and Affordable

You can be assured of a fully compliant service
of our
Peace of mind and assurance
AquaB Group
AquaB Group is a unique organisation operating nationally in the control of legionella bacteria. Providing simple considered and effective solutions.

We provide full administration and specialist support for both you and our associated LTM Compliance™ Officers.

Compliance Officers oversee authorised operators and Field Technicians to undertake risk assessments whilst introducing other practical measures assisting you to comply with your responsibilities.

As a national organisation specialising in this field we have developed a bespoke programme within a unique infrastructure delivering an uncompromised service that goes the extra mile.

Clever agent friendly software simplifies clients administration.

Fully compliant in accordance with HSE and HSC. guidelines, our risk assessments and service will have a significant impact reducing your liability.

The Domestic Service
Compliance Officers will work with you to effectively administer your programme of assessments.

Information can be uploaded to your site of our software, provided free with portfolio bookings.

You will have secure access to save, download or print, email or transfer documentation as required.

We offer a range of services to suit and include other aspects for continual compliance.

Amongst other activities, assessments include:

Placing those all - important fundamental control measures
Chlorination of shower heads, wastes and cisterns
Sanitation of taps and inserts
Temperature control implementation
Addressing other control measures
Identifying risks and providing advisories
We provide water analysis as and when required
All services including assessments are detailed with supporting evidence and fully insured
Affordable Compliance
We are not restricted in our services and keep all unit and other costs low.

Our structured approach driven by the very latest technology reduces administration.

All our services are centrally controlled without the burden of fragmented costs.

Working together with you and our authorised Compliance Officers, efficiency is increased and through volume, costs are driven down.

For multiple portfolio bookings undertaken en block we are able to offer an unrivalled and bespoke service for all managing landlords and letting agents throughout the UK.

From as little as
You can have peace of mind.

LTM Compliance™ Officers
Your local officer will work with and guide you through the process.

They will provide supporting literature for your landlords and other useful information for your tenants to further assist you with your overriding 'Duty Of Care'.

During the programme they will keep you informed and updated on all results and advisories.

At all times they will keep you notified of all matters and advise accordingly.

Induction, awareness courses and training are available either individually or by group.

AquaB are on hand to administer any required specialist treatments with assured reliability

"Working together in partnership with you"

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A comprehensive range of services are provided to a wide range of other market sectors including:
•Commercial •Care Homes •Surgeries •Tower Blocks •Offices •Industrial Sites •Other Facilities
LTM Divisions are accredited, audited and competency checked for all tasks undertaken and operate through extended platforms incorporated within in our on-line software providing client access for real time reporting, data storage and summary reports
✔Local Authorities ✔Housing Associations ✔Trusts & Fellowships ✔Management Companies

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